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How to generate ten million naira from broiler production for just six weeks of rearing


This is not a "get rich quick" scheme, every bit of activity I'll be introducing to you requires alot of dedication and patience but as long as you are ready to take action and never give up you are good to go but if other wise you can exit this page.


I know you are curious, because this might sound some how impossible to you but don't leave just yet.

If you have been following this channel for some time now, you'll notice that almost everything I write about are based on experience which shows that it happens.

Truely I haven't been able to come across someone who achieved that individually but I sure do know some people who achieved it as a team, and I'll be showing you how they did it.

As a polytechnic student, it's part of the curriculum to under go 4 months SIWES program, I did mine in a large scale poultry farm.

One day the manager approached me and told me about his plans of making 10m from poultry I laughed, because then it sound as if he is telling me he will carry a mountain, later I realized that it all proportional to our experienced you are.

first let me walk you through the mathematics, broiler is sold at an average price of 1500n which means you need at least 10000 chicks which is sold at 150n per one, so that means you need 1.5m to acquire that, but that won't be all because broiler need alot of maintenance which includes hiegene and medical care, you'll also need space of about 2 plots of land and if possible you might need to employ staffs. now let's say the start up capital will cost you about 3m.

This is how my manger achieved it, first he make a list of some of his friends and family which are business oriented and told them about the business and his plan, he was able to negotiate with almost all of them and he generated the capital.

After that he ventured into the business, and as we know broilers grow rapidly within six months they're all mature and ready to be sold.

Now you might be thinking how long will it take to sell about 10k broiler, well with the help of the internet he was able to connect with a company abroad which brought all the broiler at once and after exportation, he makes over 10m which after returning all the money he borrowed he still have a profit of about 4m.

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