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5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Instagram.

Making money on Instagram isn’t only through brand deals, you don’t have to become famous or you don’t even have to show your face online to close deals. I’m going to start with the easiest method and move on to the ones that need a little bit more experience.

The following are the five simplest ways you can start making money on Instagram:

(1). Selling Shoutout:

This is another term for promotion, someone can pay you to make a post on your Instagram account and people buy shoutout for many different reasons. Most of them just want to promote their product on your Instagram account for your followers, while some of them want to post on your account for more awareness so they can grow their followers.

Most people will use DM to contact you for price and schedule everything there, but there are other ways like listing your account on a website so they can contact you there and also pay you through that perform. Selling shoutout is my opinion and that’s the easiest way to make money on Instagram when you already have like a thousand followers. They contact you and you’ll tell them the price then they’ll send you the payment and the post then you post it, done!

(2). Flipping Instagram Accounts: This means that you buy existing Instagram account relatively in low price and then resell it at a higher price. The difference in price will then be your profit. The reason why this works well is because most people don’t really know what an account is worth, so they’re willing to sell for a quiet low price and then buy at a higher price.

Another reason why many people sell an account for lower price is because they want to get rid of an account fast because it takes them a lot of time to get going and they’ve to keep posting content.

I know a YouTube who said that his friend bought a 500k account for $3,000 and sold it for $40,000 to somebody from Saudi Arabia who just want to show off his cars on that account. You can see he made $35,000 as profit. 

My advice for flipping account is in the beginning I’ll suggest you start with small budget that you’re comfortable playing around with, because you need to build up knowledge to understand the market well and will help you know the difference between a bad deal and a good deal that’s the key to make money here.

(3). Growing And Selling Theme Account: What you do here is grow an account from scratch in niches like fitness, travel, food and so on. You can do all that by using an automation software, so you can set it up just once and just wait until the account is big enough and sell them for a nice price and profit.

(4). Instagram Client Management: This is a recurring business model were you charge your client on a weekly or monthly basis for your service.

For instance you can use an Instagram growth service were you’ll use your expertise to get your client real and relevant followers so they can grow their business and brand. But you can also offer a different service for example managing content, managing ads or reaching out to influencers.

You can basically create service for whatever people would like to outsource. This is one of the actual ways you can make full time income with Instagram, because you don’t need a crazy amount of clients to make good money. If you offer a full Instagram management service including content strategy and stuff like that businesses will gladly pay you at high price per month.

And if you’ve a good service that offer your clients results you don’t even have to go out to find new clients, they’ll always come to you because your existing clients will be recommending your service.

(5). Consulting: This one is straight forward you just get in contact with potential client(s) tell them your hourly rate. There is definitely a lot of demand on growing Instagram account and how to do marketing on Instagram. The reason why consulting is last on this list is because you need good experience in Instagram business, so that you can offer consulting that your clients can benefit from.

I recommend that you start with consulting only when you’ve become experienced and successful in something then you offer paid consulting.

However you’ll only get paying clients if you can actually show that you know what you’re talking about and that you’ve been successful in what you teach, so you’ve to put yourself out there in some sort of way to get in contact with people.

To get started with consulting you should start giving out free content on platforms like YouTube about Instagram, so that you can build audience and also build trust.

Now go and start making money for yourself, I trust that you will.

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