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Remember The Most Expensive Cow In The World? See How Much US Dollars It Was Sold!


This world is too large thus having plenty people in every of it angles....

The entire human race is occupied by many things of which you can't see them all, no matter how much huge is your money, and this is just because you can't travel every angle of the world to see some amazing things just like the beauty of this cow and the money it was cost.

The world is always becoming hard everyday for the poor masses while becoming more simple as possible for the rich and Wealthy ones to buy whatever they may like to.

The money which was used in buying this cow can make even more than 500 poor people rich forever.

This Cow her name is Missy the Ponoka cow

Her supreme dairy genes netted around $1.2 million approximately 465 million Naira making her the most expensive cow ever.

This cow was sold to a Denmark buyer to continue to improve the Holstein genes.

Her genes are so good as she produces 50% more than the average cows can do.

This cow produces a total of 50 kilograms of milk in a day and surprisingly she is not the first cow to go for over a million dollars and probably I think she won't be the last.


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Holstein Missy Ponoka The Most Expensive Cow In The World US Dollars


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