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You Can Now Become A Millionaire Before 2021, Thanks To This 3 Secrets I Discovered

Please read this carefully

Everyone wants money, who don't want it? But getting it is the big task here, it's not an easy thing to make that particular amount of money you are looking for, on your own, but with the perfect direction and medium, you will find out that's it's easy.

Many will start to doubt what am writing here but cool down, I will show you 5 secrets I discovered that will make you a millionaire before 2021, and that's approximately 5 months to go.

1. Saving (daily, weekly or monthly)

Do you know you can still become a millionaire before 2021 or let me say in a space of 5 months, but this is in a hard way, and that's saving.

There's nothing like saving on this earth, for example:

if you can save 83,333 thousands naira monthly, it gives you a million in 12 months, but that's where am going, I know some people are average and don't receive such amount of money monthly, and so what should you then do.

a. Restrain yourself from snacks and junks.

This is what most adults and youths waste money on, if you buy at least a snack of #300 a day (let me say 5 times a week) and a month you have spent 6000 naira on snacks or junks alone.

I.e 5 x 300= 1500 and 1500 x 4 = 6000.

and remember that if you save #83,000 for 12 months or #200,000 for 5 months it gives a million.

6,000 x 5 = 30,000

Imagine saving this 30,000 from August- December.

b. Buy recharge cards once a week.

An average Nigerian spend not less than #3500 weekly on recharge cards, but they will never know, from give me 100 to 200, then 100, for browsing and calling, it might even pass 4,000.

I.e 3500 x 4 = 14,000 and 14,000 x 5 = 70,000

Snacks= #30,000 6 months

Card= #70,000 6 months

So just snacks and recharge cards can take approximately #100,000 from you in just 6 months, not a year.

Imagine saving this money and avoid social media, or give yourself just #200 a day and stick to it then save the rest that's if you really want to become a millionaire before 2021.


let's say you can save 10,000 monthly as a hustling individual, then how can you make up to 1 million before 2021, number tells that

2. Find A Side Business

See Nigerians should have more source of income or they remain the same way they are, you can become a writer online, go into network marketing, go into catering or sell recharge cards through phones for those in your market place, anything adds.

That is, don't put hope on a business only, nowadays, there are many legal opportunities online you can do and these really pays.

Examples: writing online, blogging, network marketing, affiliate marketing, online agent (best ever for me) and so on.

If you want to enter any of these side paying business or know more, drop your request below and I will reply you what to do next.

Let me explain only online agent, with this you can make over 150k monthly, with your savings, you can make a million but how can you do this.

First, meet a real life agent with a shop and discuss with him, that you will bring customers for him for a certain percentage. Be wise in your percentage.

2. If he agrees, then you set up a small website for free using blogger or wordpress (drop your desire to know how to do this in the comments and i will reply you). It take less than 60 minutes to create set one properly. Make it a landing page, and use pictures of houses and write powerful words about yourself saying you're an online real estate agent.

3. After writing about yourself, then save or get 5,000 - 7,000 to do a proper advert on Facebook or Google about the website, be specific in setting your advert. Say things like:

"Do you want to relocate to a new house? Contact me am an agent, find you a home in 30 minutes."

That one above is ok.

4. After that, you go to online website where they sell and rent things, go to the house category and find the perfect house for any customer that contact you.

5. Then for you guys to meet physical, direct him to the agent shop you discussed with, also let the agent know the house you found online, then the agent will do the rest and give you your share.

6. With that alone you can make a million naira in 5 months, depending on your smartness and power of attractive people.

3. Any skills you have advertise it

This days to get connected is easy and ABC with online adverts, simply market yourself for as low as 30k monthly or free and thousands of people will notice you on social media and patronise you, you will make lots of profit.

If you sell tomatoes, take nice pictures of tomatoes with yourself and go to any website for skill or jobs like Olist, Jiji and post yourself, people will surely see you and buy, but to make it faster use money to chase money, advertise through social media or pay jobs websites to push your post to related viewers.

With these secrets I discovered, I can say you can make it, with just nothing, depending on your choice, with determination, persistence, prayer and hard work you will make it there before 2021, please don't give up. Thanks.

Like my post and share. Thank you.

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