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Make thousands of naira doing these two businesses.

For ages, it has been obvious that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. The difference is just too clear. The truth of the whole technique that Is been played here all lies in the level of information the both parties have and how quick they are to grab any slight opportunity.

But first of all, who is a millionaire, A millionaire is some one who has the heart capacity to multiply his/her two talents into four talent in accordance to how God had always wanted it to be.

Some people are so bored or excited when they hear about a millionaire but they fall back to nothing when they realise the rigorous level of hard work they go though in order to make this millions. But the question is?

Are you at home doing nothing, if yes, you can check the list of businesses you can start doing even without a dim on you, and afterwards grow your money into millions.

The list of businesses one can start from scratch are as listed below


The business of reselling is in two ways,

i) you can resell your old stuffs that are not of any need to you and get yourself fresh money to help you set up a new project.

ii) you can help people sell their boutique cloths, their products, just like an agent or a middle man, they are alot of people whose business will make more sales if they have an helping hand out there, for example, a lady get egg roll from a woman for 80 and move around with it and sell for 100 each, am just site-ing this example on a lighter note. They are better business that will profit u more and better


materials or substances occurring in nature which can be exploited for economic gain. the sustainable use of natural resources is to always aid us all to start from somewhere in life,

What I mean by selling the natural resources is; for example, you go to a river bank and fetch some trip of sands, a sale of a trip of sand cost like 3000 to 4000 per tipper.

People are building their homes on a daily basis so Same thing goes for breaking of rocks and sell them as gravels to builders and to construction managers, you could earn alot of cash.

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