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You may stop using "make up" after reading this.

You may stop using makeup after reading this.

Could there be a squirrel hidden in your make-up suitcase?

While you may have thrown away products sampled on animals and would not wish about purchasing a fur coat, many of us are ­unwittingly participating to the trade and you are accountable for more than one hundred million animal deaths each year.

Make-up scrubs routinely comprise animal hair or fur, normally taken from squirrels, minks, Sabel camels and goats.

Despite the assertions of being obtained through hairbrushes and the procedure being “cruelty-free”, likelihoods are these animals were put up on cramped ranches and underwent horrify deaths by gassing or body electrocution.

In some dreadful cases, the animals’ skin is pulled from their bodies while they are still existing.

Thankfully, cruelty-free options are simple to come by and affordable. Look for brushes traded as vegan or manufacture from artificial fibres – commonly Taklon or nylon.

EcoTools, The Body Shop and Urban Decay are just some of the companies on a PETA- Legally certified list.

Last year, high-end makeups firm NARS enlisted nearly ninety other groups in prohibiting the deal of badger-hair make-up scrubs.

PETA Asia’s inquiry into China’s badger-hair company, normally utilized to make bristles in shaving scrubs, disclosed how the beasts are either bred on ranches or apprehended from the wild utilizing traps and other cruel techniques.

They are restricted to small pens and then murdered violently.

Also, be careful of companies that market scrubs as “natural” as these terms often implies they are developed from animal fur.

Fake eyelashes & ­extensions produce from mink fur, which profess to be ­“ethically sourced”, undergo similar horrible lives as those raised to make coats, pom-poms and fur garnishes.

Fur agriculture has been prohibited across the United Kingdom since 2003, but it is, however, legal to import commodities comprising pelts.

The Daily Mirror is campaign along with side Humane Society International for a #FurFreeBritain and you can help us by adding your name to this petition.

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