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Are You Into Business? Then You Should Note These Business Rules That Could Guide You.

Its is an obvious fact that the business industry has taken over the world. There is a saying that money has left the offices and has gone into the business world.

Its no news that the rate of graduates produced every year and the rate at which jobs are created is not at equilibrium. Every year thousands of Nigerians graduate leave schools with different degrees, and when they enter the labour market they find out that there is little or no job in the country.

That is why most find it intriguing to leave the country because they believe that there is always job abroad.

Basically, i really dont find them wrong in thinking about leaving the country because looking on the economy of the country, its really a fallen hope.

Back in the early 2000, there was this hype on the year 2020, that it's going to be a year of breakthrough in this country. The late president Umaru Musa Yaradua came forward with his 7 points agenda which was really a hope to the revitalization of our lovely nation.

According to the late ex president, he had a vision that by the year 2020, Nigeria must have jumped out of the poverty capital of the world. He emphasized on the basic stuffs needed in the nation. But its quite unfortunate that he left so soon.

From where we are standing now, business seem to be the only hope of the youth. Obviously, no billionaire made it through office work. They all ventured into or or two businesses and explored it.

Because of the incessant way our youths are running after the money, they end up getting duped or engaging in illegal stuffs that can bring the wrath of the law.

I've really observed some of the known Billionaires of our time, they live simple lives and really keep a low profile. I know I'm kind of going too high about the billionaires but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

One thing a business minded person should really avoid is PONZI. I believe we all remember the ponzi scheme called 'MMM' that came and took Nigerians by surprise on December 2016. Although some people benefitted from the scheme immensely but they took Nigerians by surprise when they halted their operations in Nigeria on december 2016.

There was reports that some people commited suicide after the end of MMM. Although it was just a rumour.

I would love to outline some rules you should keep in mind when trying to open a business or if you are in business already.

1. The First Rule Of Business Is To Always Stay In Business

With that in mind, you might also assume that it simply makes a bit sense for aspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious small business owners to spend most of their time on the only activity that directly improves the health and lifespan of any business.

2.Be True To Yourself

No matter how much money someone else makes from a business, if you dont enjoy the business, dont venture into it. What worked for somebody else might not work for you. Make sure what you love what you want to go into and would be proud to tell people that you are really selling that. Remember even if you have temporal success in a business you are not proud of, it'll surely haunt you later.

3.Know What It'll Take To Get A Business Going

Starting a business and making it profitable requires Time, energy, commitment, perseverance and sometimes more money that you expected. Its much better to study the business you want to venture into before jumping into it.

4.Go digital

As the world is going digital, go digital with it. Most businesses boomed when they opened social media handles to advertise their products. Because sometimes, no matter what you sell, customers turn to the websites to research and buy stuffs.

5. Be True To Your Customers And Prospects

Don't promise what you can't deliver. Don't lie or exaggerate the benefits of what you sell and always deliver a quality product or service all times because customers love quality and honesty.

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been one of the primary ways small businesses find customers. The Internet and social networking sites spread the word to viewers.

Also remember that Rome was not built in a day, so just keep up the good work, have faith and the sky will be your limit.

Feel free to comment and air your view.

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