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5 Lucrative Businesses A Full House Wife Can Start With As Low As 5000 Naira In Nigeria

No amount is too big, no amount is too big to start a business, and yet you can earn.

Here is a list of small businesses you can start with 5000 naira:

Clothing: Clothing is one of the three necessities of life. Wear shockers, underwear, socks for school children, etc. These cool uses can be bought at a cheap price and sold for profit.

Confectionaries: pinch, panellets, donuts, eggs ... you can make sales if you know how to make them and pack them well. Sometimes people prefer food to food, so it suppresses hunger.

Laundry Service: This is another business that does not need a lot of soap, iron, starch, bucket, water and it is good to go. The laundry business is good as long as you reach customers and expand.

Tutor: Parents are willing to spend money just to see their kids excel academically. All you need is a blackboard and a marker or chalk. Counseling a JAMB / NECO / WAEC student is a great way to make money. Take advantage of them through the program and past questions.

Blogging: If you are good at writing, blogs are a good place to start. To start a block, you need to trim a niche. Ensure quality and people read your blog posts, start earning soon.

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