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Check Out The Luxury Gold Cars Collection Of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed

Prince Mohammed controls part of the royal family's vast wealth, which is estimated at up to $1.4 trillion and includes Saudi Aramco, the most valuable company in the world. Prince Mohammed has spent his fortune on a $500 million yacht, a $300 million French chateau, and a $450 million Leonardo da Vinci painting.

Look at different kinds of car's park in the garage of prince Mohammed which are gold colors.

By 2016, according to the TeleSUR, King Salman "net worth was estimated at US$17.0 billion". As of 2020 the combined net worth of the entire royal family has been estimated at around $100 billion which makes them the richest royal family among all monarchs as well as one of the wealthiest families in the world.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the lavish lifestyles of the 25th son of the founder of modern Saudi Arabia King.

Standing in front of his gold color cars which the worth are in billion dollars, these cars are specially made for him due to the kind of person he his in the society.

Check out the glamouring palace of crown prince Mohammad, color of gold and shinning place live in.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is a Saudi royal and the richest man in all of Saudi Arabia. bin Talal's wealth has been amassed through a keen eye for investment opportunities, rather than through oil profits.

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