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Multichoice Gives reason why DSTV can not offer pay-as-you-go package billing plan

John Ugbe,The chief executive officer(CEO) of Multichoice,owners of DSTV has revealed why the Pay-As-You-Go(PAYG) billing package that Nigerians are advocating for is technically and commercially not feasible.

According to him during his appearance before the House of Representatives Ad Hoc Committee who are investigating the non-implementation of PAYG subscription model by satellite television operators, Ugbe said multichoice presently does not have the required technology to offer viewers the pay as you go billing package.

He went further by giving an explanation on the misconception of the pay per view and pay as you go being offered by telecommunication companies. Maintaining that Pay-Per-View (PPV) is often confused with PAYG and that the PAYG model is not the right fit for pay television.

To ugbe, pay TV unlike telecommunications company with two way communication system, rely solely on a one communication system which does not give them the info regarding when a subscriber is connected and/or watching or what channel is being viewed and for this reason the pay-as-you-go is not feasible.

Accepted, But my question is, how do they get the total number/estimate of subscribers who watched a particular program,shows ?

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