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The main reason why some people are afraid to help

Evil/unfaithful people have spoiled this world. 

The way things are going these days, even if someone refuse to to help you, please don't take it personally because many people are just being afraid and care to avoid the bad experience they had in the past while trying to help.

If you help someone in the morning, you may end up being best of enemies in the evening. You are not God or spirit to know the inner mindset of the people coming closer to you but the truth is most of them are coming with bad intention and only seeking for an avenue to hurt you or get something out of you and frees.

This is while evil people really spoiled this world:

I'm a business man, I sell recharge card in bulk and at the same time, I'm into agency banking. Most of my customers are very very unfaithful but in the beginning they showed how faithful they are and gave me some reasons to trust them and I trusted them fully but what I get in the end is disappointment. They have disappointed me seriously to the point that I found it hard to to trust customers again.

Some have automatically stopped patronizing me only because they owes me money and don't want to pay. 

Yesterday one of my previous customers came and ask me to lend him #10,000 and promised to give me today unfailing, it was obvious he needed it urgently but I told I don't have cash available though I had plenty of cash. He felt disappointed and leave because he was thinking thinking I'm his only hope. 

That's you can see that other people's wicked had affected this man too

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