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While NDDC managing director was being probed on funds mismanagement, this happened

It has gone all over the news of the funds mismanagement by the NDDC managing director. He was accused of mismanaging funds.

He was called by the house of representatives to come and explain himself on what happened and how he has spent the money from January up till this moment.

The managing director,in person of Samuel Pondei came to the probing today. While he was being asked on how he mismanaged the sum of #81 billion Naira, he passed out.

The question everyone is asking is if he actually did this to avoid the question or the situation was real. If we would recall such has happened before with one of our senators. He was to be probed too but slumped on the day he was to be probed.

May God help is in this country.

This is what really happened and why he was called up to come and make his explanations. Instead of explaining, he fainted. He should be treated and brought back.

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NDDC Samuel Pondei


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