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The Richest Man In The World, Jeff Bezos Follows Only One Person On Twitter, Guess Who

Nothing in this world is as sweeter than having a lot of money. It's certainly delightful to be tremendously rich. In case you don't know the centibillionaire man, He goes by the name, Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is presently rated as the richest man on the planet. His net worth is $180.2 Billion. He was born on January 12, 1964, which means he's 56 years old.

Jeffrey Bezos Preston is an industrialist, a media proprietor, internet entrepreneur, and one of the most prominent capitalists in the world. He is likewise recognized as the President, CEO, and founder of Amazon, the global technology business firm.

Jeff Bezos has a Twitter account and has gained about 1.5 million supporters on his Twitter handle. The amazing thing about it is that, while several individuals around the world follow him, Mr. Jeff follows only one person on his Twitter. You may ask, Who's the fortunate person?

Her name is Mackenzie Bezos.

Who's Mackenzie Bezos?

She is a columnist, activist, and philanthropist, most grandly, she's the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos.

She is the CEO of Bystander Revolution. Bezos Mackenzie was born in 1970 which means she's 50 years old.

Jeff and MacKenzie met each other in 1992 when they were both working in an organization. They got married a year after and they moved to Washington in 1994.

She was married to Jeff Bezos for 25 years before they divorced in 2019. Jeff gave 25 percent of his stake on Amazon to MacKenzie, as part of the divorce compensation, and that was 4 percent of his company.

In May 2019, promptly after her divorce, she endorsed a Giving Pledge to be a philanthropist. Her net worth is currently $58.8 Billion when Jeff's is $180.2 Billion.

The question here is, after the two of them are divorced, why is MacKenzie the only person Jeff Bezos is following on Twitter?.

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