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These 20 quotes from Reno will change your view on things.

Reno Omokri has over the years been very influential in regards to giving advice target at the youth populace on how to do things and see things differently. The former advicer to former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, is often known for his quotes and sayings regarding religion, relationships and lifestyle.

Here are 30 quotes from him that will make your day.

1."When life puts you under pressure, remember that pressure pots cook faster than regular ones"

2. '"The most fruitful tree receives the most stones. You are not hateful. You are successful."

3."intelligent people show intelligence by explaining complicated things simply. Foolish people show foolishness by explaining simple things with big grammar "😂

4."The difference between worrying and planning is what you think of."

5. "Be worried when everyone likes you. If everyone likes you , it means that you have no morals and principles. The minute you stand for something, you will come to see that some people will hate you."

6. "Never allow bitter people to make you lose your sweetness. Instead, use your sweetness to make them lose their bitterness."

7. "Don't return to normal. Be normal."

8. "If you want to be powerful, you don't need muscles."

9. "If you can outlast the temptation Satan will bring you way and the provocations man will throw your way, then God will bring you to power."

10. "Not everyone who fights and quarrels you have issues with you. Some do it because they have issues with themselves.'

11. "An exam is a test of memory and not a test for intelligence. You are not dumb because you didn't pass an exam. That you failed doesn't mean you won't make it in life."

12. "In sub Saharan Africa, a disciplined man is seen as wicked. A man with low self-esteem is seen as humble. A confident man with adequate self esteem is seen as proud. A friendly girl is considered a flirt or lose."

13."It is not the lenght of years that makes you old. It is the lenght of poverty that ages you."

14. "Those who say money can't buy happiness act as if being broke can buy happiness."

15. "Don't just follow Christ emotionally and physically. Follow him totally. Don't just be interested in God, rather be committed. God will reward those who seek him diligently not those who seek him casually."

16. "Don't dominate people. They will rebel against you. Rather, dominate yourself and people will nominate you as their leader."

17. "Saving money in the bank is like putting money in a pocket with holes. Banks only give you interest that is lower than inflation rate. That is how they make money. It is better you invest."

18. "If it is true that the sky is the limit then how come man went to the moon? There are no limits except the one we set in our minds."

19. "Always keep your words and your words will become like money to those you make promises to. If people know you do what you say, then your words will have a serious purchasing power."

20. "The company you keep affects the progress you make. Avoid people who have PROBLEMS for every SOLUTION. They will drag you down with them and blame you at the end. Keep good company."

So there you have it. Which one was your favorite?

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )

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