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Foreign exchange

'How can I use USD to trade?'- Top three trading apps that can be used to trade USD.

The two main topics I want to talk about is currency and trading. You should ask yourself, what I'm I doing with my money if I can invest it?

What is the USD? The USD is the United States Dollar. We all know that the United States of America uses the USD and this currency has grown stronger through the years becoming the world's trading currency and strongest as well.

What is CAD? The CAD is officially known as the Canadian dollar. The Canadian dollar can be given attributes of the USD of which is the ability to trade. That is why you see the currencies always together when carrying out trade.

Some people may ask, why are the currencies always put together? As I said they have a strong bond when trading because it matches each countries resources together.

They are many trading platforms which I will want you to research on but this article is meant for three. They are; Olymp trade, Expert Option, IQ option.

The first I will like discuss is the Olymp trade. The Olymp trade is a trading app that allows you to trade on different currencies and even raw materials.

The second is the Expert option. The Expert Option is the first trading app I tried. Although I don't like it but you will make waves in it if you follow the basic trading principles. I will talk about that in my next article. The last is the IQ Option. The IQ Option is known for its fast payout on trades and active Forex.

All these platforms have real time and Forex trading. In the real time you are focused on a particular time span for your trade to conclude. While in Forex, your trade is unlimited depending on when you want to stop.

It's very simple to trade with the USD and CAD. First you study other traders and when you feel comfortable to start you can either buy or sell your money( which will be in USD and CAD).

Please note that this is an opinion of mine. If you have any alternative views, drop your comments.

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