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Opinion: You can pay your tithe as Oyedepo has said but you must follow these 4 steps to avoid curse

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Bishop Oyedepo has been trending on social media for preaching about tithing but it would seem not everyone agrees to his point of view.

The Bishop has said that prosperity is impossible without tithe and anyone who does not pay his or her tithe is under a financial curse.

Do you agree with the Bishop on this?

Basket Mouth and Daddy freeze obviously does not agree with what Bishop Oyedepo said and they expressed their thought.

However if you reason it in this form then you will get to know that there are people who pay tithe and they are okay financially,there are also people who don't pay tithe neither do they go to church frequently but they are still okay financially.

So does it depend on your tithe or not to become wealthy?

Everything in life has rules,rules for being rich, rules for living right and rules to be happy.

Its not the first time you would see people who don't even go to church acquiring more and more wealth everyday. You might also notice people who always go to church and pay there tithe but are still poor so tell me what is happening.

I don't think it depends on the tithe to become financially okay,I think it depends on what you do everyday that moves you closer to being wealthy. Following the rules of the rich,do what they do and how they do it over and over again and you will see that no curse was ever on your financial life.

Some people might agree with basket mouth when he said we are in a terrible economy and there is high rate of unemployment in the country so people might not be expected to pay their tithe now.

But here is what I think will make you free from financial curse

1) Visualize your Success

Anything that first happened,that was first created or invented was first seen in the eyes of the mind before it came to realization.

Whatever you want,be it financial success should first be visualised. You need to see yourself everyday becoming successful, you need to visualise yourself enjoying your wealth and making plans for its expectation.

Visualisation is a useful tool as it improves your self esteem,it prepares you for what is ahead and makes you see what you have been missing for a long time.

Visualise yourself to financial freedom.

2) Commit to your Everyday

If you must be free from financial curse then you need to commit to your goals, you need to do the things you need to do. Successful people do the things that will help them in the future whether they feel like doing it or not.

You need to do the things that will move you closer to your goals everyday,a business man goes to work everyday whether he feels like going or not. The main purpose is for him to feed himself and his family.

3) Practice what you preach

What you say is what people should see you doing,you should not say one thing today and do another thing tomorrow. When you say you will get to work is when you should actually go to work.

4) Pray Everyday

What you might not know is that Prayer is a communication between you and your maker. You need to commit everything into his hands,your going out and your coming in is always in the hands of God.

It is by his grace you are still alive and the time you learn to start communicating with him,then the better for you.

Prayer is the key. Prayer is the master key.

So whether you pay your tithe or not,you must make sure you always pray to your maker and always follow the rules of success.

What is your opinion concerning tithe?

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