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New $3bn contract to link Warri Seaport to Abuja by rail

A new three billion dollars Warri seaport and rail contract will link Itakpe to Ajaokuta, then to Abuja by rail. With the inland port in Lokoja on one end, while constructing a new Warri port on the other end with high speed rail that will link the new port with Warri to Ajaokuta, to Itapke, to lokoja, then to Abuja railway line. This was made public by the senior special adviser to the president, Ajuri Ingilale.

This will take pressure off the Lagos ports, reducing congestion at the ports. This could mean that ports related development will be evenly distributed in the South. It also means that lots of trucks will be taken off the roads, as goods will be transported by rail to places like lokoja and Abuja. If trucks are taken off the roads, it means less accidents, and the roads will last longer.

This will also open up cities along the railway routes to port related development. The living conditions of the citizens will also improve, as they will be able to find jobs, or set up businesses related to rail, and ports.

This contract is a recipe for development of the cities that the railway will connect. Other smaller cities and towns that are close to the project will also benefit.

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