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5 Habits That Will Make Your Co-workers Lose Respect For You

Adults have to work to earn a living, most people who work have colleagues who they see and work with almost everyday.

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Everybody wants to be respected by their colleagues in the office because, when your colleagues respect you, there is a higher chance that, you will be more effective and efficient as people will always be ready to help you and to feed you with necessary information.

Also, respect buys loyalty. However, in most cases respect has to be earned and there are certain lifestyle habits that will make your colleagues at the office to lose respect for you. 

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Here Are Five Habits That Will Make People At Your Workplace To Lose Respect For You

1. Complaining Constantly: some work days are going to be good while some days are going to be bad and how you handle the bad days will determine whether or, not your colleagues will respect you or, lose their respect for you.

It is ok to complain about your work environment once in a while but, when you form a habit of complaining constantly about everything, people will get tired of you and will start avoiding you.

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2. Slacking: slacking basically means, being intentionally inefficient and ineffective. There are people who will do anything possible to avoid doing the work they are meant to do and even when they do the work assigned to them, they do it so badly that, other people will have to redo the work.

Missing work constantly or, not doing your work properly creates more work for your colleagues which will make them lose respect for you.

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3. Gossiping: staying around gossips can be fun but you cannot help but wonder what such a person will say about you behind your back. People naturally love hearing gossips about other people however, as they are listening to you they will also be judging you.

People do not trust gossips and will generally withhold information from them. Respect and trust goes hand in hand so when people donot trust you they will not respect you.

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4. Balming Others And Being Hypocritical: some people have a habit of blaming their colleagues for their own ineffectiveness. Throwing your co-workers under the bus is a great way of losing the respect and trust of your co-workers and colleagues because people generally love and respect people who take blame and accountability for their own actions.

Also, people who have the habit of not leading by example are usually not respected by their colleagues because, nobody respects a 'do as I say and not as I do' kind of person.

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5. Having a Bad Attitude: some people are very rude, insulting, and have a very bad work ethic.

Having a bad attitude at work will make your colleagues to ostracize you, hate you and disrespect you.

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