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5 skills that would be of great help to Pharmacists in their career.

Pharmacists are professionals and part of the health care team. They play a great role in the health system of any society. There are skills needed by Pharmacists to help them carry out their duties effectively.

1. Accuracy: Pharmacists deal with drugs, from manufacturing to marketing and even dispensing of medicines. They are expected to dispense medicines in an error-free manner. In as much it is natural for humans to make mistakes, Pharmacists must be accurate in their work as it is a matter of life or death. They have to understand the handwritings of Doctors and are also required to fill prescriptions in developed countries like USA, Canada etc.

2.Communication skills: being able to communicate effectively is very important in any profession and as a Pharmacist, it is important to be proficient in English as well as local languages. It is part of the duties of Pharmacists to communicate with patients as regard the dose(s) of administration, when to take and how to take their medication.

3.Proof reading: sometimes, Doctors miss drugs interactions when making prescriptions. Pharmacists can then become proof readers and inform Doctors about it and suggest change(s) in prescription(s).

4: interpersonal skills: most times Pharmacists have to struggle between Doctors who do not like to be questioned and frustrated patients who may get upset while waiting for their prescriptions. Pharmacists need interpersonal skills like patience, diplomacy and a great sense of humour.

5.Patient counselling: it is a very important skill as well. It refers to providing patients with relevant information, advice and assistance to help them with their medication and to ensure they take their drugs properly.

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