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I Couldn't Pay Landlady For 4 Years Due To Joblessness, Now Opera News Made Me A Land Owner (Photos)

Writing story how I have been a jobless graduate for years may not interest the readers because it is gradually becoming a norm in Nigeria! Quote me, nearly every household has an unemployed youth! So, what could be a new story that touches heart or inspiring again? It is really unfortunate that the country has become her own shadow!

But, what if I tell you how I finally became a land owner when the whole country was in lockdown for 5 months due to pandemic, you might want to read my story. What if I tell you how my life changed and be able to afford a N60,000 3-bedroom apartment which I couldn't do for 7 years before?

Imagine, for those years, I was unable to pay annual 18,000 house rent for 3 years! And what if I tell you how I resigned from my previous job despite I had been desperately looking for one, I think my story would be an inspiring one to you! Moreover, what kind of job one could have done to raise over N300,0000 where there was no movement of people? Read below to discover it!

On September 1, 2019, my father died of stroke, a cardiovascular disease after he had battled to save his life for a week in the hospital. It was the most terrifying and troubled moment of life, I almost crippled and died because he was the only one that had been supporting me financially!

My father was such a great man who understands and counsels me to be hopeful over my joblessness! He supports me with money food stuffs, house rent, even going for job interviews. But before his demise, I had been unable to pay my rent for 4 years having a total debt of N72,000!

Quit notice served by my Landlady's lawyer

After several failed promises to settle the debt and renew the house rent, the landlady took legal action against me! It couldn't be resolved as I refused to honour the invitation because there was no legal arrangement in the beginning before I moved in! The woman then took the case to the office of the Nigeria Civil Defense Corps (NCDC). At the end, I was given 3-month aultimatum to settle the debt and move out of the house! I could say the officers had mercy on me because I accepted the blames easily!

It was such a terrible moment of my life - I was jobless, my father gone and unable to feed myself let alone to pay 72k rent debt! I was so desperate to get a job. Well, after several attempts, I finally got a 30k teaching job at a private secondary school. 

This is my appointment letter of 30k teaching job

I was employed as a Maths Teacher for senior classes! But I resigned after spending 6 months with the school! In fact, my resignation was approved the day the school was closing for 2nd term holiday and equally the day Covid-19 pandemic lockdown began in Nigeria!

Why I resigned from my job despite I had been looking for one for years!

I don't want to go into details of what I passed through in the school but gave me ample opportunity to meet great and lovely people! One of them is Mr. Biodun Lamuye popularly called Engr Las, he was Physics Teacher in the school. Not long enough I knew him, he told me of a platform that allows people to express their writing skills and earn money for it! In essence, Engr Las who happens to be one of the top earners today introduced me to Opera News Hub!

My resignation letter after discovering Opera News Hub

This is how I began writing for Opera News and earning money from it! When I was unable to combine the hectic work of the school with the writing, and more importantly, the money I was getting from the platform is far better than the monthly 30k, I resigned right away! Yes, it is worth it and best decision ever taken! So far, I have been on the hub for more than a year and the experience has been an interesting one!

Just few screenshots of my earnings on Opera News Hub

Imagine, before the 3-month aultimatum reached, I was able to settle all my debts and got 3-bedroom apartment out of the money gotten from Opera. Writing on the platform is one of the greatest thing that changed my life for better! Apart from buying the land during the lockdown, there are many things I have also bought like a laptop, a generator and a printer.

I plan to have a computer service shop very soon. And I strongly believe that Opera News will help me achieve it in as much I keep doing my part by writing quality articles! This is my job, writing articles on the Opera News Hub!

This is approved document of a 300k plot of land bought during lockdown courtesy of Opera News

This is my story from being a debtor to land owner. It was made possible by Opera New Hub. Drop your comment and like this article. Thanks for your time!


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