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Jobs That Teenagers Can Do From Home

Their is no limit to how much young people can make in 2021. 

In this day and age, the internet has made age of no freaking relevance.

As a young person you should have started thinking of how to start adding value and creating wealth (that's part of the curriculum now).

So how do you make money, work a job from home?

Follow me....

1) Be an Instagram influencer - Funny enough this is even on the list, shows you the kinda of world we are in today.

A world where billboards and tv adverts only amount to a huge waste of money if you don't have a lot to waste.

This is the age of the influencers and their is no limit to the age.

If you have a big following on Instagram or any other social media platform, don't waste it on feeling good, get people to maximise your space in exchange for cash.

If you can build a tribe anywhere on the internet and you have a great following then you have a full time job already.

2) Start a Blog - My best advice if you love to write and you have a specialized area of interest, is to start a blog!

It's so easy to start and so easy to monetize once you start having very good traction.

There are people who read a lot and people who watch a lot, others listen.

Find your audience and superserve them with your content. 

Gossip blogs, relationship blogs, finance blogs, tech blogs....

Whatever you are super interested in writing about that can attract readership will earn you good money!

Start now!

3) Sell Products/start a thrift store - These days every girl owns a boutique on WhatsApp and an entire mall on Instagram!

The internet remains the number one market place today, how are you using it?

Find a product that is needed by a certain audience (don't try to sell to everybody), find creative ways to get your product across plenty people and you are good to go already.

You can even start selling without having the product physically. Just have a product in mind, reach out to the supplier, get buyers, collect their money, pay your suppliers as they send the product on your behalf and we good to go!

Drop the ship mehn!

4) Work as a Social Media Manager - Someone just paid one of my guys #50k to help start and manage her Instagram for a new business. They met online and funny enough this guy has no previous experience!

Yes! People are that desperate and trust me managing social media accounts can wear even Superman out!

Many people are looking for social media savvy people who could ensure their online space is lively and bringing in business. If you can create content for them and ensure their following is up to date.

Right from the comfort of your room with your smart phone you can start earning hundreds of thousands by approaching businesses and we'll placed individuals with the offer of managing their social media space.

5) Make YouTube videos - If the internet is the greatest mine field on earth right now, YouTube is Gold!

YouTube is super hot, free and lavishly paying.

Even kids are making a fortune from making videos that attract attention, solve a need.

If you can find an audience and keep them growing, you can make good money as a teenager from the house.

You don't need so much sophisticated equipment for a start, an ideal niche with very attractive content will get you going already.

All those data you have been wasting on downloading movies and wasting away on Instagram is about to haunt you if you don't start earning now from home, from your phone

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