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The Inherent Danger In Allowing Your Child To Combine Formal Education And Skills Apprenticeship

At independent, the issue of being gainfully employed while talking about the white collar job in Nigeria cost no sweat as different types of job awaits different levels of education one might have acquired from the then standard six to a university graduate.

With populational explosion in the country and with the urge to acquire western Education , getting the white collar job now becomes an expensive commodity as thousands of graduate are being produced year in year out without any job .

To be self sustained is definitely the way out of the problem of unemployment while the most common way to go about this is through skills acquisition.

Skills Acquisition require those that want to acquire the skills to undergo a specific training for a certain number of years before becoming own Masters.

As white collar job turns to a scarce commodity with thousands of graduates roaming about insearch of unavailable job, parents this days now wishe their wards to learn a type of skill alongside with formal education, in other to provide an alternative in case the white collar job remain elusive.

Unfortunately, many parents have prioritize this skills Acquisition through the Apprenticeship system above their children formal education as the two are now being combined simultaneously.

Combining both formal education and skills apprenticeship has been observed in the following ways to be inimical to the success of Child's formal education;

I) Allowing one's ward to combine formal education and skills apprenticeship prevents the learner to effectively have enough time for his Academic pursuit

ii) Some bad influence at the place of acquisition usually corrupt some of these learner's in terms of good morals.

III) The love of money in the mind of the learner's now reign supreme as this makes them to loose concentration in class while wishing the School to close as soon as possible.

If a child must combine Academic with skills acquisition, it must be done in a way that the child Academic performances will not be affected.

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