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Have you ever thought of how to make money in this Nigeria economy? Let me teach you

Most of us are conversant with the situation in Nigeria. I am sure that we know about the high rate of unemployment and the increase in date if exchange. Most of the graduates after coming out if school, can't fend for themselves because there's no money due to the fact that they were not able to get jobs after searching and searching.

People are desperately looking for better alternatives, hence acquiring a skill or set of skills is the best way to achieving self reliance and financial independence.

Skills otherwise known as hand work is the most important thing to acquire to guarantee steady means of income.

Because of the high rate of unemployment, people have now turned to learning different skills that can be a revenue if earning income instead of going in search of jobs that they might never get. I'll list out some of the skills that will earn you good money after learning

1. Baking

2. Shoe making

3. Bag making

4. Perfumes

5. Fashion designing

6. Networking

7. Digital marketing

8. Coding

9. Make up

10. Photography

11. Graphics design

12. Bead making

13. Writing

14. Cooking

15. Hair styling

16. Teaching

17. Wig making

Asides the ones listed above, there are a whole lot of things you can do in Nigeria to earn money. You can go into a perfume business or jewelry business. Going ahead in my next articles, I'll be explaining some of the above listed skills and how to go about them. I hope this proves to be educative to you. Don't forget to like, comment, share and follow


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