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3 great enemies of opportunity.

When opportunities are utilized, great achievements are made. Success lurks behind opportunity, that is the reason you must endeavour to identify and utilize opportunities when the come your way.

Sometimes when opportunities come, you may not know. They may come in form of challenges; however, you need divine wisdom and strength to identify and utilize opportunities lurking behind challenges.

When opportunities are perfectly utilized, success is achieved; great achievements are made. Opportunities can determine how successful you will be in life.

There are three (3) great enemies of opportunity. They can destroy opportunities or deprive you from utilizing opportunities; hence, render you despondent in life.

What are these three (3) enemies of opportunity?

1. Procrastination: this feature is the killer of opportunities. It is an attribute of laziness which is one of the causes of poverty. Procrastination makes you watch opportunities pass you by without doing anything, it drains you of the vigour with which you can work for your success. If you are still suffering from the disease "procrastination," you are far from being successful because it will not let you identify and utilize opportunities.

2. Fear: some opportunities come in the form of challenges. How can you grab these opportunities when you still nurture fear inside you? Fear will never let you make a move in life, it will make you feel low or inferior. If you must identity and utilize opportunities to become successful, you must exorcise every spirit of fear in you.

3. Doubt: nobody is "omniscient." That is why you should be optimistic about your endeavours and do not doubt your possibility of being successful. Take up every opportunity that comes your way, believe it works because you do not know which one that will favour you. Doubt is an enemy of opportunities, so do not let it hinder you from being successful in life.

I make a declaration upon your life, that any evil force that aims at destroying your opportunities in life, let that evil force be destroyed in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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