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Bad and Unhealthy Habits That Could Be Affecting Your Concentration and Work Life

When it comes to productivity, there are a lot of things that affect it. For one thing, your time management skills affect how productive you are. Another is the obligations you have to others. Those obligations could be both at work and at home. We all have bad habits. Perhaps you procrastinate, gossip, or lack punctuality. These negative behaviors don’t necessarily make you a terrible person, but it can affect your productivity.

Excess Use of Caffeine; This is not the way to keep your energy up. Many studies confirm the health risks associated with energy drinks, which are mostly attributed to their high sugar and caffeine levels. The risks range from mental health problems in the form of anxiety and stress to increased blood pressure, obesity, kidney damage, fatigue, stomachaches, and irritation. Energy drinks can also contribute to risk-seeking behavior, such as substance misuse and aggression.

Procrastination; This habit can seriously hurt you in a work setting. If you’re one of those folks who believes that you do your best work at the last minute and put off projects or assignments until the day (or hour) before they’re due, you may not be aware of the impact your habit is having on your co-workers.If your last-minute rush requires others to work quickly, you will likely anger them, and you’ll be the first one blamed when a project fails or isn’t completed on time.

Checking Your Phone too Often; Harvard researchers found that blue light can drastically influence your sleep schedules (by up to three hours). Some studies indicate that blue light prevents the restorative REM sleep, adding to the sleep deprivation problem. Eye strain causes headaches, which in turn limit your ability to concentrate and function at 100 percent.

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