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Meet The Nigerian Man Who Started Hustling As A Wheelbarrow Pusher, But Today He's A Millionaire

To be successful in this life, you just have to be very hardworking, because it pays a lot. Those who are successful today were very hardworking yesterday. No matter the kinda job you do, if you are determined, and focused, there's no doubt you will surely be successful someday. This relates to a man who is a millionaire today, but he started as a wheelbarrow pusher.

Chukwuma Eze started pushing wheelbarrows when his parents couldn't afford to send him to university after completing his secondary school education. According to him, he said, after secondary school, he couldn't go further in his education, because his parents couldn't afford to send him to university. So he decided to learn handwork, he learnt to plumb.

He learnt the handwork for several years, after learning the handwork, he didn't have money to start his own business, then he decided to start pushing wheelbarrows in the market. He started pushing wheelbarrows in the market and also started making little money from that.

As time went by, he thought about his future and decided to do something to help himself instead of pushing a wheelbarrow all the days of his life. Chukwuma saved money to buy his wheelbarrows, then started lending them off. He started lending them to his colleagues who were still pushing wheelbarrows. He started making money from lending wheelbarrows to others.

He made more money from the business, then he decided to keep investing his money. He invested his money wisely, he now has his plumbing shop. He also has a company that helps people send surprise messages, apology messages, birthday messages, and other messages to their loved ones across the country.

You see how this young man who started as a wheelbarrow pusher ended up being a millionaire. This is just because he was very hardworking, and also a smart investor. You can make it too, no matter what you do today, tomorrow is too bright. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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