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Top 6 Jobs For People Who Enjoy Travel

Are you someone who loves to travel? Are you thinking about making that your job? If so, you have plenty of options from which to choose. If you don’t like being stuck behind a desk, then you may want to travel for work! Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that incorporate travel. Take a look at a few examples below, and see if you can find a company in the area that can help you!

1. Flight Attendant

Of course, one of the first jobs you should think about if you like to travel is becoming a flight attendant. As a flight attendant, you will be responsible for taking care of passengers as they go from place to place. Flights come in all shapes and forms. For example, jobs on international flights will probably be more competitive than jobs on domestic flights. You might start off working a flight that only travels locally, but as you gather more experience, you may be able to get a spot on a plane that travels internationally. Over the course of a career, you will have an opportunity to see the entire world! Take a look at a few airlines and see where their flights go!

2. Photographer

3. Event Coordinator

You might also be interested in taking a job as an event coordinator. An event coordinator is responsible for contacting the vendors who might be needed to pull off an event. You might be putting on a wedding, graduation, a corporate event, or even a gathering for a nonprofit organization. The first step in planning an event is figuring out where it will be located, so this is an opportunity for you to pack your bags and travel! Find a scenic location, coordinate the vendors, and throw an amazing event!

4. Marine Biologist

As a marine biologist, you may have an opportunity to travel as well. Some marine biologists only stay in the local area, but if you want to work with large animals, you may have to travel all over the world to find them. Of course, you should be able to swim well if you want to be a marine biologist! Maybe you want to study the unique populations in the Galapagos Islands, or maybe your area of study in the Caribbean! If you love the water, then becoming a marine biologist might be the way to go.

5. Tour Guide

If you love talking to people and traveling, then you may want to be a tour guide! A tour guide is responsible for helping people see the world. You may be able to get a job working a tour that travels all over the country. You might even be able to lead a tour that travels all over Europe! Tour guides sometimes have to speak multiple languages, so be sure to look at the qualifications before you apply. You will be responsible for planning tours of amazing attractions, setting up hotel accommodations where you lead the tour, and making reservations at restaurants!

6. Travel Agent

If you decide to become a travel agent, you may have an opportunity to travel as well. A travel agent is responsible for planning travel accommodations for those who are traveling. You will need to network with companies across the globe if you want to keep your clients happy. Therefore, you should have an opportunity to travel. You will plan plane tickets, hotel rooms, excursions, and more! Whether you are a travel agent for a cruise line or a tour company, this is a great opportunity to travel the world.

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