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Fresh Graduates: Read 5 Job Myths You Shouldn't Agree To.

As a Nigerian, you must have heard a lot or even seen plenty of jinxes associated with getting a good job in Nigeria. 

I too was told about the stories of getting jobs in Nigeria.

For those who still believe in those fairy tales, they told us as kids now is a good time to take a critical look at the Myths once again and know which to believe.

But I am about to blow you off now.

Just follow me.

Myth 1: Just graduate with a Good Grade and Get a Good Job.

If you didn’t graduate decades ago, this myth is not for you. You should throw it into the trash bin. A good grade does not make you qualify for a job, it only adds you to the long list of people who have acquired such grades and are patiently waiting for “God to pick up their call”

The number of graduates leaving school with first class and second class upper has increased drastically. So why should an employer hire you exactly?? Think about it.

Myth 2: You Were Promised A Job After School.

You see, an uncle made a hasten promise of a job after school when he learned I got admission to study Chemical Engineering. This is few months after NYSC already and my 'Dearest' Uncle doesn't pick my call again. Sitting and waiting for someone who promised you a job will only damage you and nothing else.

Myth 3: Acquire A Second Degree or Even A Master's And You Are Qualified For A Job.

Stop it, please.

Yes, you heard me. STOP IT!

If only you know the increasing number of jobless master's degree holders. In Nigeria, having a Master's is just like having a WASSCE certificate. A Master’s Degree is not a guarantee of getting a job.

Myth 4: I Just Have To Apply And Wait.

What is even wrong with you?

Haven't you heard of "Follow Up"?

But why would you apply for a job and wait?. After you've applied for a job, you are supposed to follow your application. Do well to always reach out to the organization that you submitted your application to.

Myth 5: When They Hire Me, They Will Train Me.

What a bombshell?

Did you say that?

Maybe you don't intend to work with a Nigerian firm. But if you are, no one is ready to spend that much on training staff on various skills. It's expected that you have the pre-requisite skill to suit the job offer.

Right now, candidates are hired based on the skills they possess. The question you ask yourself right now is what special skill do I have that isn’t common?

If No, then you have to take action and equip yourself with some skills especially in the ICT world; because the world is going towards Information Technology.

You see these Job Myths if you have them, I will that you discard them, because they wouldn't help you.

I hope this helps you.

Thank you 

Content created and supplied by: Yagazierem (via Opera News )

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