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Men With These 3 Mentality Don't Make Progress In Life, Don't Think Like Them

Progress and development are two concepts that have proven challenging in the lives of many young men, especially in today's society. Despite their efforts, they seem to be making little progress, and their financial situation remains stagnant, with little things to be grateful for. Men who find themselves in this situation may experience depression and difficulty. Are you a man who seems to have made little progress up to this point? When it seems that something exciting is going to happen in your life, it still fails to materialize? All of your efforts seem to have been in vain, and you're starting to lose hope. Before you lose hope, take a look at yourself, and be thankful that this article arrived just when you needed it. Please pay close attention to the next few words.

Have you done a self-check? How casual have you been in certain areas of your life? You must understand that all change starts from inside. The way you look at things, think about things, and respond to such situations can all play a role in how far you go in life. There are three mentalities that prevent men from progressing in life, most notably financially. You must stop them if you are to make progress.

1. Relying on their parents for business capital

Many young men of this generation believe that their parents can help them in whatever company they choose to start by offering funding or financial assistance, but this isn't always the case. As a man, you must understand that your parents only contribute 5% to your success; the rest must come from you. You may believe that many people received financial aid from their parents, but you neglected to investigate their history and family financial situation, so your mentality remains flawed. In Nigeria, someone who wants to make money must learn not to depend on anyone, not even family or friends. You're lucky if they help you with your business; if not, you mustn't wait for them; you must work your way up to the green pasture. Don't let the mentality of relying on your parents or relatives keep you from achieving your goals; stand up like a man and start earning money, no matter how small. Don't be embarrassed if it necessitates doing a menial job; dedication triumphs above all other factors.

2. I don't need to learn new skills or complete an apprenticeship because I am a graduate.

Men who have this attitude almost always come to regret it later in life. They believe that because they are well-educated and have advanced in class, they will never be able to master an ability at such a low level. They believe that as soon as they graduate from a tertiary school, a career will be waiting for them. Most of the time, these men end up wandering around looking for work, only to discover that the positions they were dreaming of were just a figment of their imagination. 

You need to learn a nice skill

Listen to me: skill acquisition is critical in today's world, especially in Nigeria. You never know where you'll end up tomorrow, and the funny thing is, the experience you picked up at the time might be your lifesaver. The best advice anyone can give you is to make sure you have a nice skill to back up your university degree, and with a skill, you can start a sole business if jobs are scarce. Learning a skill takes a lot of humility and perseverance, but trust me when I say you will be happy you did.

3. Depending on friends for almost everything

Friends can make or break a person, but it seems that many men are looking at the true meaning of friendship from a different perspective. They seem to depend on their friends for things they should be doing on their own, things they should have been doing all along, and this eventually prevents them from progressing in life. Any man who is dependent on what his friends have or what he gets from them is mentally ill and should reconsider his position. Friends are only there to assist one another in times of need, to provide advice when needed, and to propel one another further in life. That is not a justification to rely solely on him or her; instead, you must learn to rely solely on yourself so that you can develop your talent, faith, and plans, and position yourself to succeed in life. Friends can let you down, but you can never let yourself down. As a result, if you want to progress as a human being, you must depend on yourself.

If you don't work for yourself, you will grow old without accomplishing anything.

Do you suffer from any of the above male mentalities? If that's the case, you've got some serious self-improvement to do. The world becomes more difficult by the day, and only those who stand still and do what is right will be able to survive it. Every man wants progress, and anyone who has had it in his life must learn to think in the wrong direction.

You must change your mindset because it will only result in regrets.

In conclusion, This article has succeeded in identifying the mentalities that stymie progress, especially in young men, and I am confident that every young man will begin making changes in his life right away. If you resist the three mentalities discussed in this article as a young man, you should expect to see changes in your life, both professionally and personally. There is no question about your potential if you think rationally and behave accordingly.

Thanks for taking out of your time to read this little piece, I hope you gained something from it? Please Share this unique article across all social media platforms and please don't forget to maintain social distance, wear your face masks, wash your hands regularly with sanitizer for prevention is better than cure.

Content created and supplied by: Blessingfrydey (via Opera News )


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