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Five Signs Your Salary Will Finish Before Your Next Payday

There are certain signs that shows you will be drinking garri and may be just be licking palm oil before you get paid again. Below are signs that you will definitely be broke before your next pay comes in.

If you experience these signs then know your salary is not enough –  Nairametrics

Your girlfriend is light skinned: Having a girlfriend means you have to be ready to take care of her needs. Having a girlfriend that is light skinned is on a whole new level. It cost a lot of money to maintain light skinned girls. A single mosquito bite they are on their way to see a dermatologist. Nothing must stain that skin.

 Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be -- Lending Club Loan Risk | Blog

You are the first child: There is no way your salary will last till the end of the month if you are the first child. Once the month ends all your younger ones are already calling you for the share of their money.

 Salary GIFs | Tenor

Everybody loves you: If everybody loves you, then your salary will definitely not last. It means you are a philanthropist and people love to gather around you to get their share of your salary.

You withdraw with POS: That 100 and 200 naira you are constantly paying to withdraw from POS is definitely out to get you. There is no way your salary will see month end when you constantly make POS withdrawals.

 动效 by daisy | Dribbble

You use bank apps to make payments: Well you are definitely in trouble if you are constantly buying recharge cards and data subscription through your bank app. These apps does not help you restrain your spending instinct. You will find yourself buying things you don’t neee,.

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