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Reasons Why You’re Feeling Restless and Unmotivated

During the beginning of the year, a lot of people made plans and declared of changes that they want to be seeing in their lives. While trying to make those changes visible, obstacles and live challenges steps in and keeps the person in edge of having feeling of restlessness and unmotivated.

Is very important to recognize that actual feeling. Things don't often happen very fast. There are many actions that you will take to bounce back to your normal life.

Below are the most common causes of restlessness, along with a few strategies to feel peaceful and motivated.

1. Suppression of True Passion

Everyone in this planet have two Inner voices. One voice is that of inner critic, while the other one belongs to inner self.

The inner self is the actual voice of confidence, purpose and clear imagination. It makes it possible for you to dance to the tune of your drum when you were tender. You do things when you want to do them.

While growing up, Inner critic occupies a very big space because you've been conditioned to believe that following up Purpose made you irresponsible. This results to restlessness.

You start feeling restless because of suppression of your passion.

2. Battling on Too Many Fronts

When they say you can have anything you want, they don’t mean everything at once. You may be feeling restless and unmotivated because you set yourself up for failure.

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