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Be Successful, Not Because You Love Money But Because Success Gives You An Identity - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has urged everyone to be successful. According to Reno success gives identity but lack of success gives anonymity

This is because success differentiates people, if 100 people attend a Party with Dangote the report will be, Dangote and 99 others attended a party. This proves that success is an identity.

Furthermore, following what is happening in Oba Cubana's mother's burial, shows that success is indeed a good thing. According to a report, Oba Cubana is a philanthropist, who has helped many people in life. He has single-handed sponsored many people from his state.

Reports revealed that he brought Cubana Chief Priest to the light. Aside from this, he owns about 8 different Businesses in Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, and Anambra.

His mother's burial has shown how successful he is and the lives he has touched, it was revealed that he received 237 cows just for his mother's burial.

This shows us that success pays. We should all endeavor to pursue success and also be helpful.

Today, Oba Cubana trends all over Nigeria, overshadowing Wizkid's birthday. His generous life and his success have been revealed to Nigerians.

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