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Are there still jobs out there for graduates?

Nigerian Graduate, Emerge from the cage the society put you in.

Life is inherently messy, filled with uncertainty, and living in some part of the world worsened the situation. It is not uncommon to see six out of ten graduates unemployed or underemployed. What is even sad is those who are employed working like machines but then live from hand to mouth.

I had known Demola for years, a very astute, clever, and intelligent guy who despite all odds finished with a second-class upper; only to get a job with meager and inconsistent earnings. Well one needs to start somewhere but when it isn’t leading anywhere one needs to worry; five years of such payment without hope of getting any soon could be disheartening. The same thing goes with Pamela, Sandra, and John. Let’s not even talk of Uju who has walked from pillar to post in search of a job but all to no avail. And it seems everyone somehow knows someone somewhere who is unemployed or underemployed.

Graduates! It is a high time you set yourself free from the cage of white-collar jobs whose search is endless and payment rather insignificant. This article isn’t to ridicule anybody. But the thing is if an artisan who hasn’t been to the four walls of a classroom has been able to make a way for himself and also lives well, is there anything stopping a graduate in learning how and as well enhance how such skill is being carried out? Truth be told, we do not have options any longer. Let’s not even discuss how what you’ve studied is inadequate in this recent world.

According to Ademola Adigun, an old man died recently from depression because he had to continue to support his children with funds he saved for his retirement. After all, there were no jobs so the kids couldn’t stand on their own. There is a need for every undergraduate, corps member, and job-seeking graduate to have a paradigm shift. We need to consciously train ourselves to be entrepreneurs, we have to have a plan outside certificate, we must understand the dignity of labor and come to the realization that the white-collar era is in short supply.

To all job seekers, as bitter truth as it may sound; learn a skill! Roll up your sleeve, in fact off it completely if need be, and get dirty because that’s where the gigs to get going are. I know there are genuine reasons, such as lack of funds, lack of a supporting system, but above all are also the opportunities and many have thrived despite this, remember! Learning different hard and soft skills is not even an option any longer but a must in this modern-day era. 

The question is; what do you do when no one is ready to hire you? Get ready to higher yourself

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