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How Can You Rely On Salary, Yet Compete With Someone Who Relies On Profits? —Reno Omokri

It's not entirely false to state that a lot of people sometimes get themselves involved in unhealthy competition. This can manifest when we try doing what others are doing just to show we can do it, or that those doing it are not better than we are.

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Given this, Nigeria popular author and Gospeller, Reno Omokri has frowned against those who get themselves into a silly competition that will add no value to their lives but may rather bring disaster if not careful.

Citing an example of two people, one a salary earner and the other income earner. Reno pointed out that if you fall within the group of salary earners, going to compete with those who rely on income is like putting yourself in a hot seat. According to his tweet, he stated, “How can you rely on salary, yet compete with someone who relies on profits? They buy designers, you buy too. They buy iPhone 12, you buy too. While they spend disposable income, you are squandering your future trying to look as rich as them!”.

It's true the nobody hates good things, but remember that all fingers are not equal. Besides, you can be like them if you properly channel some of your savings into an investment that can help you generate income even in your absence.

I could equally remember a post where he advised people to invest in real estate and entrepreneurship, you can start with that as well.

Reno Omokri is the former media Aid to ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Please share your thoughts below.

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