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Six things you should do if you are a job seeker

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. If you are job hunting, it is very important to cross all t's and dot all i's. I hope these tips help with that.

1. Regularly update your CV: Ensure it has all the relevant keywords. Highlight your skills, educational background, experiences, achievements and certificates.

2. Network: Build and sustain relationships with people who are already in the industry/field you wish to venture into.

3. Volunteer: Virtually every job will require you to have some form of experience even the entry-level jobs. These can be got by volunteering and interning at such companies.

4. Practice for interviews: As you are applying for jobs, you should also prepare for interviews so that once you are called upon for interviews, you can excellently ace them.

5. Update your online profile: Use social media to your advantage. Ensure your profile depicts your personality and occupation.

6. Start upskilling: Build your skills! First, acquire relevant knowledge in your desired roles then proceed to discover and improve on the necessary skills.

You can be better! You will be better!

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