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If your Skill or Degree is lacking these two components, you won't be successful - Reno Omokri.

In recent time, the call for every youth to learn a skill even if they are graduates has been supported by everyone.

Skill acquisition helps to provide job to those who have them and create job opportunities for others.

It is on this fact Reno Omikri has been advising both the graduates and none graduates to learn a skill. But his strong advice this time around goes to those who are not opportune to acquire degrees.

He asked such a group of persons to learn a skill.

However, he pointed out that one can have a skill or degrees and still wallow in poverty caused by learning a skill that is not beneficial to humanity and does not provide value.

He, therefore, instructed that it is better to go for a skill that helps people and provides value. That is the only skill that will make someone successful.

The spokesman writing through his Twitter handle said, "Even if you don't have a degree, learn a skill that helps people and provides value and you will always be successful. But if you don't have a skill that helps people and also provides value, you will never be successful, even if you have many degrees".

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