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Why I Chose Opera Over Other Jobs After My NYSC

The challenge won't be fair enough if I, "Petertech" fails to drop my own Testimony. I graduated from the Department of Business Administration in 2018 and went for my NYSC in 2019. I was actually part of the 2019 Batch A corps members who served in Ekiti State.  I passed out of NYSC on 5th March, 2020 and to many, I was going in search of Greener pastures.

While I was still in Service, a colleague of mine where I was rendering my service (PPA) introduced me to Opera. I joined in January 2020 and was encouraged by my first two months on the hub. After that, I decided not to look for jobs elsewhere for now and concentrate on Opera. Do you want to know why? Here are the reasons.

 1. After my service in March, a lot of my colleagues kept telling and showing me job vacancies that I needed to apply for. All I did was to accept them and discard them knowing fully well that those jobs might not pay me like Opera Hub. 

Soon, two of my colleagues got employed; one earning 50k per month and the other earning 46k per month as Bsc holders. If you deduct their transport fares for one month, they would be left with nothing closed to 30k as their take home. Meanwhile, I earn more than that writing for opera without transport fares. The highest I do spend on data for a month is 5k. 

2. The writing talent is another reason.

Opera pays you for putting your passion into practice. If as a Business Admin graduate, I decide to look for job in other sectors, they might give me monthly target of some millions of Naira of which I must meet if not my salary would be at stake. On opera, the target is that I must be a good writer and submit articles that can generate enough traffics. This is what I have been doing for over 15 months on the hub and I have been earning my reasonable income. For security reasons, I won't be mentioning my earnings.

While on the hub, I have been able to learn a lot of writing skills which will add to my future profile. Right now, I love writing which is the more reason I am with Opera News. 

3. Writing for Opera is more stress-free for me than other jobs. 

Those colleagues of mine that went for other jobs after service do stay at work from morning till night coupled with work stress. While as an Opera Writer, all I have to do is to stay in door most of the times and make my research. No risk of Accident as applicable to other jobs which is another reason I love Opera job dearly. 

4. Opera Helps me to pay my bills. 

I must confess that with what I earn from Opera on a monthly basis, I pay my bills without being indebted. At least I do send something to my mum, pay my brother's school fees and settle myself too. 

With these, I can say Opera is doing a great job. We have never witnessed this kind of Youths Empowerment Opera brought before us in a long while. I can say categorically that whoever is behind this Hub shall be forever rewarded by God for saving many Nigerian Youths.

Long live Opera News Hub Writers.

Long live Opera News Hub Editors.

Long live Opera News Hub.

Long live the founder(s).

Content created and supplied by: Petertech (via Opera News )

Department of Business Administration NYSC


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