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Business Management analysis

The Best Ways To Manage Your Time For Maximum Productivity With Little Effort.

A complete time management.

The best way to make time pay for itself is to get others to do as much as they can for you. This is the best way to manage the 24hours in a day, 7days in a week, 365days in a year etc. This is simply working smarter and not harder.

 Many people complain of not having enough time to do what they have planned to do within the 24hrs of the day. This is due to lack of proper planning.

Effective time management means making the most of every minute of the day as you work. To do things the right way and at the right time is a key to maximizing time. 

Here are some of the steps to take in order to maximize your time for maximum productivity:

1. Choose the time of the day or night when your energies are highest and make your schedule for the next day work:

When energy is highest

Every individuals have different hours of the day when their energies are highest. I according to statistics, many

individuals chose early in the morning between 4am to 6am for this aspect. Although it varies from persons to persons, master the best time for you to do this and make it habitual.

2. Write down your tasks for the day:

Scheduling tasks.

For proper actualization of your tasks, writing them down your tasks on a paper is a must. The process of deciding which task will utilize the most time and which comes first is called task scheduling.

The scheduling of the task should be on the basis of their importance to you.

3. Delegate out duties: Never waste your time or do anything you can pay someone else to do for you. This is simply the act of delegation. The rich leverage on this act and get many tasks done within a very short space of time.

Delegate duties and do the few things which are more important to you by yourself. By so doing you will have more free hours for yourself to rest everyday.

4. Allocate time to all phone calls:

Returning official phone calls.

Never waste more than necessary time on phone calls unless it is an important business transaction. Be brief as possible and if the words from the other end of the line go on endlessly, hang up and

proceed to your next call on the list. When you hang up on the call the man on the other end may blame that action on the network. But if the caller is very important but you want to end the conversation in an official way, then, tell him

you have a scheduled appointment, right then.

5. Supervise delegated tasks/works:

The act of supervision.

Supervision is direction, guidance and control of working force with a view to see that people are working according to plan and are keeping time schedule. However, a key purpose of supervision is to assure the quality of the services

being delivered and some means of being aware of how people who are working for you feel about what they are doing.

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