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Outfits You Shouldn't Wear to a Job Interview

Dressing appropriately for a job interview is an important first step in making a good impression. Sometimes, it's the deciding factor in whether or not you land a job. This article can help you avoid embarrassing situations by providing a list of six items to avoid wearing to a job interview.

The following are among them:

Displaying Clothing.

Modest dress necessitates a neckline that doesn't reveal too much skin and a skirt or dress that doesn't skim the floor. You shouldn't show too much skin in an interview by donning revealing clothing like a plunging neckline, bare shoulders, or a slit up the leg.

Unkept Clothes.

Rumpled or soiled clothing is meant by "unkempt" here. Don't create the incorrect impression by appearing sloppy or wrinkled in your clothing.

Informal Footwear.

To finish off your business attire, choose a pair of low heels or flats. Shoes like sneakers, flip-flops, and casual sandals are not appropriate.

Piled-on Cosmetics.

Putting on makeup for a job interview is not the time or place to show off your skills. You should only use little makeup no matter how much you care about how you appear. Avoid heavy foundation, dark lipstick, and dramatic eye makeup.

Wearing a Mostly Relaxed Attire.

Do not show up to a job interview dressed casually. This means you shouldn't show up to a job interview with ripped jeans, a bodycon dress, sweatpants, or a two-piece ensemble.

Excessive use of scented products.

Scent is important, but don't overdo it. Others may find it annoying if you use too much cologne. You should also stay away from wearing too many extras. Choose an eye-catching accessory, like a watch, and you'll be good to go.

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