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Why I Had To Quit A Job That Pays Me Basic Salary Of #40,000 To Become A Full-Time Opera News Hub Writer

OperaNews Hub has been a blessing to me in the last few months. Getting to be a huge part of Opera News Hub made me realize that you need to take risk in life to achieve success. To be where I am today, I actually took a "wreckless" risk.

Around October, 2020, I joined OperaNews Hub after being introduced to it by an online source. At the initial stage I felt like it's one of those platforms that would renege in their promise to pay you after writing significant number of articles for them.

When I started writing for the platform, I was working with one of the most recognised private secondary school in Ibadan, Gracefield Comprehensive College. With little knowledge about how Opera works, I had to sacrifice some time to write for the platform. During this period, I told myself: "don't get too attached to this freelancing job because you might not be paid at the end".

After working unseriously for a month, I was expecting some cash to start with. I knew the platform pays by considering the traffic generated in a month; that's exactly why I wasn't expecting a huge payout.

On the 14th October, I was paid a meagre sum of #2500 but I wasn't disappointed with that. At least, I got to know that the platform truly pays at the end of every month.

After my second month with OperaNews Hub, I felt the need to quit my teaching job that pays me #40,000 in a month. I know that's a terrible decision to make, but I was hopeful that if I work tirelessly for Opera I would get more than my basic salary. Even if I don't make up to #40,000 in a month I was willing to take that sacrifice because of the various reasons below:

-A platform to develop my linguistic Skills

Opera News Hub is definitely a platform that will help my writing skills. Being a teacher hasn't helped improve my writing skills overtime. I barely write articles, letters, or any other form of write-ups during my teaching days.

-I knew overtime I would earn even three times more than what I earn as a teacher

How am I so sure about this? Sometimes, you get the feeling that when you work tirelessly you would achieve your goal. I knew for me to have been unserious in the first month to earn #2500, I can put in 20 times that effort to achieve more.

-I've always had passion for journalism

It was such an easy decision to quit a teaching job for a job that can be linked with electronic journalism. People call it freelancing but I perceive this job to be far way more than that.

I studied English Language in the University because I've always had passion for journalism. After my service year, I tried to work with a radio station but I wasn't treated like an integral part of the system and I had to leave.

However, getting an opportunity with OperaNews was such a blessing. I guess the decision to give it my all was quite easy for me to make.

-Sometimes it's not about what you earn, it's simply about doing what makes you happy

As a teacher I was always getting the feeling of a "slave". Why would I work for about 11 hours a day, only to be paid a sum of #40,000. Many might wonder how a teacher would work 10 hours. I resume at work at 8am and exit at 5:30. In a nutshell, I wasn't happy doing that job and I think OperaNews Hub came at the right time to rescue me from what I termed to be "modern slavery".

-I was comfortable writing for Opera because penning down my ideas has always been a part of me

I am an individual that relish penning down ideas. My time as a teacher as really undermined that aspect of my life. However, the decision to become a full-time writer for OperaNews Hub was facilitated by this major reason.

-Making an impact

OperaNews Hub gives me the avenue to make an impact in people's lives. Just as you know, ignorance hurts. Being a freelancer has made me educate lot of people across the country.

-The job keeps me motivated

When I get to realise the number of clicks my article generates, It gets me inspired. Don't get this wrong, it's not about the financial gain that comes with generating traffic on this platform. It's simply because of the number of people I could get to inform and educate within a short period of time. How would you feel if you can impart knowledge on thousands of people in a matter of minutes? That's the fulfillment that comes with knowing fully that my article has been widely accepted.

-Realising that this is going to be a Long-term plan for me

It gives me joy to know I would have this job for a long time because I have what it takes to deliver the exact content needed by the platform. Though, my articles are rejected sometimes based on certain breaches but I know I will only keep getting better. On the other hand, as a teacher I was convinced that I could get sacked at any point in my career.

Today, I guess I have made the right decision because I earn more on this platform than what I was having monthly as a teacher. So, it won't seem to be a facade to you, check out the receipt of my March earning paid on the 13th of April.

I would urge every writer on this platform who isn't earning big at the moment to give it some time. You are definitely going to reach that level. In just three months on this platform, I have been able to get to this level. I also know I am just getting started.

Content created and supplied by: Fijey2020 (via Opera News )

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