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Excellence does not happen by chance; it happens by choice - Dr Paul Enenche






-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on 'DEFINING EXCELLENCE'

1st Service, Glory Dome.

We appreciate You Lord, we honour You Lord, we magnify You, we glorify You. Thank You for a day like this; it's the day You have made and we shall rejoice and be glad. Open the Heavens, visit someone, touch someone, change someone, liberate somebody to the glory of Your name, in Jesus precious name.

Wave your hands to the King of kings, give Him the honour and the adoration; clap your hands all ye people, shout to the Lord with a voice of triumph and please be seated in the presence of the Lord.

I welcome everyone here this morning in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I believe it is the day the Lord has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it. Everybody from our neighborhood, the Lugbe axis, Kuje, everywhere, we appreciate you, we welcome you. Give the Lord the praise in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

Very quickly, Daniel 6:1-4.

This morning, it is DEFINING EXCELLENCE. Our objective is in threefold:

a). Understanding the necessity of excellence

b). Understanding the meaning of excellence.

c). Understanding the departments of excellence.

Many times, people wonder why certain subjects should be preached; tell me something about heaven or hell, tell me something about how to live right or please God and so on. Why should a subject like this be preached? For three basic reasons, there are more but three basics:

1). Excellence is the inheritance of God's people. That is, the topmost top is what God has reserved for His people (Deuteronomy 28:1-2). Excellence is a matter of inheritance, being at the top in life in every field where we are found, it is a matter of inheritance.

2). Excellence is a channel of worship and glory for the King of kings. The excellence of God's people bring the Almighty glory and honour that couldn't have come another way (1 Kings 10:4-5, 9). The Queen of Sheba saw excellence in Solomon and it translated into praise and worship. There is a glory that will come to God when you are the best in your field. There is an honour that will come to God because you are a child of God. When you are outstanding in what you do, there is a praise that will come to God when you show the world that Christianity does not equal mediocrity.

It's a glory that will come to God. We teach it that you must be the top, the best in what you do because honour comes to God through that avenue.

3). Excellence is a tool for the command of audience in evangelism. Like I said some time ago, your excellence is more evangelistic than your utterance; your success is more evangelistic than your statement.

Isaiah 60:1-5 : shine means to excel, to be distinguished, to be outstanding. You know if I don't preach anything this morning, I've already over preached. That there are people who will follow you to church because you beat them hands down and they are wondering, what is the secret of this man? If this is what it means to serve God, I want to follow and serve this God. When you are talking to people in poverty and wretchedness and failure and mediocrity; they look at you, they read you from head to toe and they say; "help yourself first, change your life first". But here you are at the top of the range in your field, the master of the art. You'll say, "I want us to be in Church". They will say, "we are already there."

My preaching to many people have been very, very simple; people at every level because they know what you know, you know. What they know, you know. What they can do, you do more than them. They have no reason to look down on you in any way. Hallelujah!

- I see God taking somebody there this morning!


i). Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. This person is an outstanding lawyer or an extremely good lawyer. This person is an outstanding doctor or extremely good doctor. This person is an outstanding engineer or extremely good engineer. That was the Oxford dictionary of English definition.

ii). Excellence is the realm of mastery or expertise. This man is a master of the art, this person is an expert in what he does.

- Somebody who is stepping into that realm will say a louder amen.


That was the realm that Joseph was, he was a master in dreams and interpreting dreams. That was the realm David was, he was a master of the instruments and that mastery took him to the palace.


There are departments of excellence, different dimensions of excellence that are pulled together to make a person to excel.

1). Standards maintenance, the maintenance of standards. It is critical to know that the maintenance of standards is a major bedrock of excellence. Nothing is excellent until standards are maintained. I'm going to give three examples in scriptures where God gave standards that were to be followed in Genesis 6:14-16, in the building of the Ark.

i). God gave specific standards and measurements for the building of the Ark of Noah.

ii). God gave specific standards and measurements to Moses in the building of the Tabernacle in the wilderness (Exodus 25:9, 40, Numbers 8:4). God is a God of patterns, standards and specifications. That is why, He is the God who is the most excellent God in working.

How many of you know that even in the construction industry, there are specifications, there are specifics, there is a mix of concrete and mix of this and a mix of that that is required to give a particular strength of this. Once that specification is not followed, disaster is what people wait for. When you see situations of buildings collapsing here or there, in all likelihood, certain standards and specifications were not followed so calamity was the outcome and that will never be your portion in the name of Jesus Christ.

In the medical field, there are standards and specifications. If you are going to sensitive areas like the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) or the theatre or something, there is a level of scrubbing you must do; you are not going to wear your normal shoe, everything is going to be sterilized if you are going to step in to ensure that nothing will happen.

iii). David gave Solomon the pattern of the Temple that he received by the Spirit. That pattern was the standard (1 Chronicles 28:11-13). You see the magnificent glorious excellent temple of Solomon; it was received in a pattern form by David who handed it over to Solomon and we saw the beauty.

Let us note three things,


a). Where the pattern of God is followed, the glory of God flows. If you want to see the stamp of God's approval on your life and destiny, the pattern of God must be followed.

If you want to see glory generally in life, you must be a person of patterns, a person of standards, a person of specifications.

b). Nothing stands out without standards. It takes standards to standout (Isaiah 60:1). Standout because you are shining, nothing stands out without standards. Nothing can be outstanding without standards. When you see an outstanding enterprise, standards were followed. When you see an outstanding institution or Nation standards have been followed.

One man came from one of the Western countries and one of the drivers in town drove him and he told the man and said, "if you drive like this in Canada, you are in prison straight". Anywhere things are done well, when you see anything that looks attractive, that looks beautiful, that looks breathtaking, standards are followed. In your personal life, if you are going to have an outstanding financial life, an outstanding marital life, an outstanding career and destiny, you must have standards.

- I see somebody's life shinning out here!

c). You can't live anyhow and go anywhere. You don't live anyhow and get anywhere.

Those who do things anyhow don't get anywhere in life.

The other day I was talking with our pastors and I was telling them; standard operational procedures for crusades, if we are going to have a crusade in so and so place, this is standard operational procedures and I said, it should be documented and let it be clear. Four weeks to the crusade, what happens? Two weeks to the crusade, what happens, what is the manner of our evangelistic and outreach approach? What about intercessory approach? So that we are not struggling all the time to reinvent the wheel or to say how do we get it done? So that in years to come, you want to step into the land and trust God to wrought the land, this is what to do:

Intercessors are praying, minimum day, night, four weeks to the time. Outreach team, this the modality of the outreach.

Nothing stands out without standards. Nobody gets anywhere who does things anyhow. Even battles are won on standards. Like we said before; you may fight battles with weapons but you win them with wisdom. You may carry your spear and shield to the warfront but you win them with strategy. So it is important to understand that it takes a structure to have a future. If your personal life or whatever you do must have a future, it must be aligned with structure. This is what will cause your life, your assignment, your business to standout and as it stands out; you are established in your inheritance, you bring glory to God, you speak less to get more people imparted for God.

- I prophesy to you today, the topmost top shall be your portion!

Going forward, you should ask yourself, am I doing things anyhow, am I calculated, am I strategic? We said some time ago that nothing can be dynamic until someone is strategic, until someone is calculated, until someone is deliberate, conscious of how they live and how they do things.

2. Attention to details.

3. Addiction to order and beauty. It is not possible to say; excellence exist in the climate of disorder.

I have two conclusions and then we shall pray:

i). Excellence does not happen by chance; it happens by choice. Nobody can be excellent and say I don't even know how I got here; it is not possible. To shine, you must rise - that's a choice. Arise in order to shine (Isaiah 60:1). You don't arrive at the top and you say I don't know how I got here. Nobody gets first class by mistake, you entered the University with a determination, then you continuously watch your grades consciously, by the time the grade is going down, you wake up. By the time you are in second semester of your final year, you should be aware whether you are coming out with first class or not. You don't need a prophet because you watched it consciously.

Until you make the choice, you don't have the chance. The choice must be made. "I cannot live as a mediocre, I cannot die at the back, I cannot die in the pit, my life cannot bring God shame through average existence. My life must bring God glory. I will give it everything it takes until I reach where I am reaching". It does not happen by chance; it happens by choice.

ii). Excellence is license to prominence. "The king set him on top because an excellent spirit was in him". When you walk in excellence, you have been granted license to prominence (Daniel 6:3).

- Somebody is being set above today!

Will you lift up your right hand and appreciate God for the Word this morning. "I am going to the most top in life, no devil can stop me. I appreciate You, I honour You, I adore You". Go ahead and worship Him, honour Him and magnify Him.

Father we give You the praise, we give You the honour, we give You the adoration.

Thank You Master in Jesus precious name.

Lift up your hands everywhere you are. The presence of the Lord is here; all round multiplied fruitfulness, divine visitations, encounter that changes story is happening for somebody right now!

- That weight you came with is been lifted right now!

- That burden you came with is been lifted right now!

- Receive His visitation. Receive your deliverance, receive your breakthrough!

- An ancestral curse is been broken right now. A generational curse is been broken right now. A spirit husband affliction is been terminated right now!

- Somebody is coming out of the pit right now!

- Abdominal condition is been healed right now!

So shall it be!

Lift up your hands and give Him the praise. Father we love You, Father we adore You. Blessed be Your name. Thank You Master.

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