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How to ensure you get paid by N-Power

You need to know this. N-Power will pay you after you have worked for them. It is their duty to ensure that you get empowered. The program has been active since the first term of our incumbent President. They want to make the unemployed people happy.

If you want to be considered as a qualified beneficiary, then do the right thing. Doing what you have to do is important. N-Power already has all the rules that can update you. You can conversely ask questions if you are confused on any area of the program. The team is liable to answer your questions because they are here for you.

You might have a brother who did his own registration and you want to follow him. There is no need to rush things. Every applicant is important to the scheme. Take your time and put up the right details.

Applying twice for the opportunity is an exception. It is better you tell others about it than to apply again. The scheme has a coordinated database. They have the records of those who have applied before and those who just applied. You will be seen as unserious if you try to apply again.

Paying people twice is what the program has been trying to avoid. They require your “Bank Verification Number (BVN)” to solve the problem of double payment. Ensure that you use the correct BVN to avoid error in your payment.

It is better not to get yourself involved in this opportunity than to come in and embarrass yourself. Some beneficiaries believe that they would not work, but they would be paid. That is a wrong ideology. You must work in order to get paid.

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