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Fact To Note By The Beneficiaries Of N-Power Scheme

The N-Power scheme is an intervention program on the part of the Federal Government of Nigeria to Ameliorate the effect of unemployment among our teeming youth in order to let them acquire and develop life-long skills aimed at becoming change maker in their communities.

The payable amount for the beneficiaries of the scheme was is pegged at N30,000 on a monthly basis as renumeration since the commencement of the first batch of the N-Power scheme, while beneficiaries are deployed to federal and state elementary educational institutions.

Some of the beneficiaries of the scheme are of the opinion that due to the nature of their appointment in relation to their renumeration, there shouldn't be a strict monitoring measure of the scheme participants

As an intervention program, the financial implication is not based on a specific government grade level which increases on a yearly basis.

Since the arrangement is not on a permanent basis but to reduce the rate of unemployment, the essence was to let the participants think on what they can make out of the program and be able to stand on their own since it has been stated that the scheme is for a specific period of time more so that beneficiaries are engaged in their local government of residence.

Therefore, beneficiaries should look inward to be self sustained at the end of the program as government can not accommodate the high number of graduate been produced on a yearly basis in the country.

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