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Do you know that there is something that kills your life, dream or business faster than failure?

Failure according to the Oxford dictionary (fourth edition) is the lack of success. It means not achieving something that was expected. Failure, most people believe, is something that should not be experienced at any point in life. How contradicting this belief is ! . Because failure is part of life. Without failure you have not tried a new thing. If you do a thing for the first time without failing it shows such a thing has been done by another person. Failure shows that whatever you are working on is worth the effort. It helps you realize those lessons you need to know or learn so that your success story will be worth listening to.

Unfortunately so many people have given in to failure. They believe that they are failures because their effort has not yielded the expected result. I want you to know that it is two different things to fail or be a failure. That you fail does not make you a failure . You only become a failure when you expect to be a failure. When you say that you are a failure it shows that you are not capable of achieving success. But believing that you have failed only shows that you have not gotten the right step of doing such a thing.

But the good news is that failure has not to do with you not achieving your goals and dreams. While this might be good news to some people,it is so saddening that to many it is terrible and fearsome news.Failure does not kill your dream but fear does. Fear according to the Oxford dictionary is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of harm,danger or pain. Personally, I regard fear as False Evidence Appearing Real.

One cause of so many unachieved dreams in our world today is fear. So many people's hearts are filled with fear. So much so that they cannot take the necessary actions or steps required to attain that height of success. It is only fear that stops you from taking that action which will help you get to that desired place in your life or business. It is fear that causes you not to throw in the work that you need to become a better person.

Funny enough ,fear comes in different but disguised ways. To burst your bubble ,if you ever fail to do a thing because you want a perfect result which you think is not going to be possible, I tell you, fear has come in the form of perfectionism. Fear will make you not to be humiliated. Fear kills dreams and plans so quick as it never allows you to take the needed steps

Abolish fear from your mind today. Set your goals and go for them with all passion and desire . Fear is never real until you make it real.

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