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Ladies, Check out Seven Outfits You Shouldn't Wear To An Office

There is an adage that says we should be dressed the way we wished to be addressed.

How you dress at work is important, even with “corporate casual” established as the office standard.

The way we work is changing, which in turn means the way we dress for work is changing, too.

The quintessential method used to size up someone is the head-to-toe glance. When you catch someone stare like that you know you’re being judged.

Even if you don’t, your colleagues and managers notice and appraise.

Everyone knows that the rules of office style are constantly in flux.

If you're working in finance, you probably shouldn't wear a t-shirt and a hoodie to your quarterly review.

If you work in tech, you'll probably come off too stuffy wearing a suit around the foosball table or napping pods.

That said, we firmly believe that there are at least 40 rules of office style that apply to both men and women, no matter your income or your line of work.

Nowadays, statistically speaking, people like to dress casually for work than ever before.

Keep in mind this doesn't apply to every industry or workplace.

It's a general guide that will hopefully put you on the right track to professional outfits that will still let you express yourself.

As a person that wants to be addressed very well, you should should take note that there are outfits one shouldn't wear to to an office, for the sake of your self respect.

No matter how lovely the weather is, however, work still goes on – and it’s important to make sure that what you wear to work is appropriate for the office environment.

While an increasing number of companies allow business casual or casual attire in the workplace, that doesn’t mean that what’s appropriate at a pool party works in a meeting with clients.

Here are outfits you shouldn't wear to the office:

1) Open Stomach mini crossing belt flay skirt:

2) Open Fashion Sleeveless White Shorts Romper:

3) Burn Shorts of any kind, whether denim or chinos:

4) Two-Piece fashion Strapless Shorts Suit:

5) Fashion Casual Letter Embroidery Basic Zipper Collar Two Pieces:

6) Fashion Casual Patchwork Hollowed Out Zipper Collar Long Sleeve Two Pieces:

7) Skinny Damaged Ripped Jeans Denim:

While considering the of outfits to wear, you should also make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and that you're putting your best foot forward at work and also looking decent.

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