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The 3 powerful things that control humans which can bring about success and also your downfall

There there are two things which can bring about your sources and also if not controlled your downfall they are 1 the ID 2 the Ego 3 The super Ego

these three things is controlled by the instinct ..the instinct is an unlearned behavior that is expressed by the same specie in the same way

The Id is a seeker of pleasure it doesn't care how you go about getting that pleasure. That why is also called the devil incarnate.. that is why our society people engage in bad activity

The Ego is your personality development it reminds you of who you are ..and consequences that follows if you engage in that bad activity or behavior

The super Ego is what you learn within your society and your parents advice

Now if you are allowed your ID to be higher than the ego it becomes a problem

So if you want to have a good personality you must have an ego

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