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Three Factors Stopping You From Reaching Your Potential

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You have gathered all information needed to help push your goals, you begin to doubt yourself and go down the path of reasons as to why you are not able to pull it off. Self-doubt creeps into your mind giving you reasons you will fail. You begin to fall prey to the nagging thoughts of feeling inadequate and not capable. What is seen at the surface, is not what the reality is. ‘ That little voice’ in your head tells ‘you’re not doing too great in life’, ‘you can’t be successful’ ‘your goals are out of your reach because you’re not ‘capable enough, talented enough, experienced enough or not lucky enough. When self-doubt takes hold of you, it stops you from pursuing things you want to achieve. This habit can shake your confidence, limit you and hold you back from unlocking your full potential. Self-doubt is most often just a monster in your head that your mind uses to keep you from making changes and to keep you within your comfort zone. If you don't deal with self-doubt in your life you will miss out on great things in life.


Distractions prevent you from providing your full attention to what you are trying to execute and achieve. Distractions will take your mind away from what you aim to achieve. Distractions take you away from your purpose, reducing your focus to the point where you cannot generate the internal focus and drive to accomplish what you want. Putting your attention on many things at a time can hinder you from reaching your potentials. When you realize you are distracted, take a deep breath, slow down and calm your mind. When you are working on your project, stay in a place to focus on what you aim to achieve and put away things that can get you distracted.


Resentment can stop you from reaching your greatest potential in life. If you experience jealousy, it can turn into resentment and bitterness. these emotions can be destructive and harmful to your well-being. You feel you are not getting your fair share in life. Life seems not to give you what you desire or feel you are worth. This nature starts affecting your lifestyle, relationship, health and other areas of your life. You start slipping away and it limits your potentials. For example, if someone you think you are better than gets ahead of you in life like getting a good job, get married or achieve a milestone, you feel bitter and unhappy. Stop comparing yourself with anyone, don't determine what is unfair, break away from a scarcity mindset and create your success, it will help you get rid of resentment.

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If you eliminate these three factors, you will be able to focus on achieving your potential fully and getting things better and faster.

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