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OPINION: Buhari's Disapproval Of The Proposed 65-Year Retirement Age Has Only Positive Implications

According to a recent report by Punch Newspapers, Minister Festus Keyamo has expressed President Buhari's disapproval of the proposed 65-year retirement age in Nigeria. This decision brings forth several advantages that deserve attention.

Firstly, rejecting the higher retirement age promotes inclusivity and provides opportunities for the younger generation. With a rapidly growing population and limited job openings, extending the retirement age could further impede youth employment prospects. By maintaining the current retirement age, the government encourages workforce rejuvenation, enabling fresh talent to enter the job market and contribute to national development.

Read the screenshots of the report from punch below.

Secondly, sustaining the current retirement age helps address the issue of aging infrastructure. Nigeria requires proactive measures to enhance efficiency and productivity. Allowing experienced professionals to gracefully retire opens up avenues for the infusion of new ideas and innovative approaches. It facilitates the adoption of modern technologies and practices, fostering progress in sectors that demand agility and adaptability.

Lastly, rejecting the proposed retirement age sends a message of government responsiveness and flexibility. By resisting a blanket extension, President Buhari demonstrates a willingness to evaluate policies critically and make decisions aligned with the nation's needs. This approach showcases a commitment to balancing the aspirations of both senior citizens and the younger workforce, ensuring a harmonious and sustainable future for Nigeria.

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