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Be Careful Of People You Employ As Housemaids

The job of a housemaid or housekeeper is an important and sensitive aspect that affect our daily lives. Most of the time, the supposed maids are granted unrestricted access to the house which automatically grant them the opportunity to know every nook and cranny of the house. Sometimes, housewives completely rely on maids to perform some duties which they aren't supposed to. Whether in real life or across the various social media platforms, we may have heard troubling eyewitness reports about housemaids. For instance, several months ago, there was a report on Nairaland in which a housemaid was caught adding urine to her boss's meal. There are many similar unfortunate events.

The roles play by our maids is intertwined with the basic responsibility of housewives. Your wife should be able to monitor how housemaids behave around your kids, in the kitchen and during domestic duties. The unfortunate revelation of others is a lesson to the entire family. Therefore, before you recruit a housemaid, it is necessary and important to conduct a background check, access their mental health, emotional intelligence and general behaviours around strangers. These should be conducted prior to employing the maid not when she or he has already started working at your residence.

While you work to ensure the security, hygiene and well being of your family, it is equally important to avoid domestic violence against people you employ as maids. Some people cannot properly control their temper at the slightest provocation. There are reports of housewives battering teenage maids with a hot iron, hot water etc. Such reports usually generate conflicting opinions, especially across social media platforms. Violence against domestic servants is not uncommon. The security forces will not relent in dealing with such employers who exploit or abuse their housemaids.

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Lastly, as you remember to buy gifts for your family during festivities. Do include your maids so that they won't feel abandoned or neglected. Involve them in some non-essential aspect of your family to build trust and understanding.

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