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Npower Batch C: See What May Hinder Your Enrollment Into Nasims PayRoll after physical verification.

All Applicants of Npower batch C should take notice of this vital information. Alot have been said and explained, regarding all that concerns the ongoing Npower batch C recruitment.

Applicants who have committed their time in reading through the posts made on this page, regarding Npower batch C recruitment, have testified on the positive impact they gained.

It is on this note that all efforts are in motion towards ensuring that this page continue to bring all needed information for the benefit of YOU, our reader.

Enrollment is the stage all final selected candidates are enrolled into the pay roll of NASIMS ( National Social Investment Management System ).

After final list are released, comes physical verification. Upon scaling through physical verification, the whole process comes to an end on the side of applicants.

Now, enrollment commences, this exercise is conducted electronically by Npower management, under national social investment management system, Nasims.

The exercise places each qualified candidate on the payment roll system of Nasims. In other words, the qualified beneficiaries are enlisted into the electronic system that when payment are made, each person receives alert through their provided BVN/Bank Account.

This is where alot of beneficiaries lament and complain of not been paid.

To avoid this urgly experience at the eventuality, you must adhere to the advice I will be providing in this article.

(1) You must ensure that your name in your BVN matches very accurately with the name in your provided account number.

For instance:

If your BVN names read thus- Obi Aliyu Agboola,

according to Npower names format, it implies that:

*Obi - is your surname or last.

*Aliyu - is your first name.

*Agboola - is your second or middle name.

It is expected that this format is exactly the same in the names of the bank account name you provided. Anything short than this, you may not be enrolled and even if your lucky to get enrolled, during payment you will not received alert. The payment will be made in your respect but it won't enter your account in most cases.

(2) Spelling errors: you may have provided the correct names, matching to each other i.e BVN and account names. This is not enough as spelling errors will cost you same, as unmatched names.

If your name is Agboola in your BVN and you wrote Agbola in account name, the 'O' omitted in the Agboola of the account name has made it difficult to match. This is because the whole process is computer/electronic based.

(3)Date of Birth: just like in the above, the date of birth in your BVN MUST accurately match the date of birth in your provided account number, and other Information.

The above are the three major causes why failure in getting ENROLLED and failure in getting payments even after getting enrolled.

How to know if you are enrolled or not:

While this stage is still far to discuss, Iet me give you some hints on it.

A process called "onboarding process" will be had after physical verification. The onboarding process allows you to upload any other document that may be required. How ever, I doubt there will be uploading of other documents again, hence most of the required documents have been uploaded during registration, unlike in batches A and B.

For you to know you are successfully enrolled, during the period, you will have to login to your Nasims profile, below your profile picture, you will see "status".

Your status is expected to show "enrolled" written in green. If it shows "onboarded" in place of enroll, allow the whole exercise period to get done. If eventually you did not get enrolled, then you must contact 'support', forwarding a mail that will contain your complaint, otherwise, you are as good as wasting your time.

Payment will be made, and you won't get.

Thanks for keeping time with this page.

Kindly follow this page if you have not done so, for more updates regarding Npower batch C.

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